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Why Prototyping

Epitomsoft builds platforms for businesses that want to transform their existing digital ecosystems. Typically, businesses seek us out to overhaul disparaged and outmoded technologies by:


Your product framework’s conduct can radically impact your business execution. This process checks that the programs run smoothly and are easy to use before putting through improvement.


Stay away from necessity misconceptions or correspondence obstructions before they transform into unforeseen misfortunes. Prototyping ensures that you pay for the features you need and that they perform precisely the way you need them to.


Prototyping is a phenomenal chance to ensure your product advancement investments by setting precise objectives and unsurprising and reasonable deliverable schedules.

What Do We Do?


Epitomsoft develops functional prototypes of your product solution or software that helps to check functionality. Our clients can test the framework with data samples by applying it to various scenario executions.


For conceptual design and basic programming frameworks, we set up a broad arrangement of interface portrayals for task/screen flow that permit you to accomplish your goals for your software with your vision.


If you have a general vision for your future software, site or framework, Triveni IT can help characterize, validate and formalize these necessities.

What We Can Deliver to You


Specification for your future framework is conceptualized as a list of items and goals that are assigned to different phases of your project. This guarantees that all of your particular components are incorporated correctly and accentuated properly. Our devoted and expertly trained Quality Assurance team ensures reliable documentation of your entire process.
When should you utilize this service? Continuously. On the off chance that despite everything you don’t have itemized prerequisites particulars for your future software or have a few questions about the current one, Triveni IT’s team can help make it from scratch or inspect your documentation to discover whether it coordinates your business and mechanical requests or not.


We make wireframes for programming frameworks of any complexity our clients wish. Utilize our abilities and generous involvement in application mechanics and business logic modeling. We can survey and crosscheck with basic programming components before advancement on your project begins.
Wireframes allow you to:
Visualize application conduct
Execute different business situations
Apply multiple business scenarios
Improve convenience
Simulate data processing
Our broad understanding of wireframes advancement makes Epitomsoft a reasonable partner for your operation.


A practical and efficient strategy to dodge misconceptions with our development team later on. We make a static application display that frameworks its real and useful features. and we concentrate on center inter-dependencies between application modules.

When should you utilize this service?
At the initial project-planning stage
For applied outline or as an intermediate emphasis for dynamic model
As a part of prerequisite specifications
For smaller projects with straightforward procedures


Epitomsoft devoted graphic design team designs upscale GUI for your applications to give your software a complete look and feel for your future software or solution.

Any Questions?