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Enterprise Mobility

executes endeavors of ambitious portability guides. By helping businesses think creatively about what they think their business can do from mobile applications, we adapt these ideas into sizable profitability pick-ups. We can help your business make new innovation-empowered revenue opportunities.


With Epitomsoft, organizations engage their field workforce as well as their mobile opportunities. We make traveling employees productive on the go by enabling them to access the resources they need on the mobile device they prefer the most. Utilize our services to interface with mobile customers and optimize your business with new services and mobile commerce.


360 Bound-Together Experience

Epitomsoft is capable of integrating inherently dynamic versatile business forms into enterprise framework. While consolidating enhanced employee capacities, we guarantee the transition for your users is rightfully implemented, with no setting and content-specific parameters in their way.

All Round-Security

With each mobile application delivered, we guarantee that our clients have their private information protected from ruptures in corporate-possessed and BYOD situations. This is accomplished through the usage of reliable, industry-driven, end-to-end mobile security, identification, and access management innovations.

Consistent Integration

We develop mobile applications that consistently connect to current IT infrastructure, including various back-end frameworks and mission-critical innovations. We also communicate with external applications and services, such as cloud services and services from partners or suppliers.


Mobility Roadmap

Enterprise mobile applications are process-specific to the extent of business procedure transformation. We’ll never offer you imitative, pre-built mobility solutions (though we know how to incorporate the basics of them with your business needs). We draw on our business analysis mastery, procedure, and industry knowledge to help develop for our clients what genuinely should be built. We’ll also undertake to deploy it as well as other extensive innovation choices that should be made to make the application the best it can be

Mobile App Prototyping

With Epitomsoft, turning into a mobile enterprise is smooth and easy. Our mobile prototyping management is the perfect solution for consolidating all of our client’s input and determining the most productive approach to finishing their project.
The useful prototyping management we offer puts your mobile necessities first. We’ll mitigate your uncertainty in your IT investment by calculating your exact improvement expense evaluation and the effectiveness of your application’s full-scale implementation.

Enterprise Architecture

Our experienced software developers create mobile enterprise architectures that consistently incorporate your portable customers with your venture frameworks. Our versatile middleware layers can establish the most effective correspondence between the two.
We carefully consider your business aspects while developing your product. Data integration and improvement, optimization, application integration and software reuse, IT environment security, and compliance with governance policies are all things we keep in mind as your application comes to life.

UI/UX Design

We prioritize business logic and back-end frameworks. We do this so the ease of use of big-business applications is so seamless, it’s frequently forgotten about. Our regard for mobile configuration is the key to our continued success. We continue to show that high-business impact, reception rate, and representative use are characteristic of those versatile applications, whose user experience shows that their workload has been simplified, even from the very first collaboration.
Epitomsoft brings better user experiences to your applications that add to users’ adoption and efficiency. We consider all of this as parts of a more extensive undertaking IT foundation.

Client & Server-Side

Expansion of your business procedures to a mobile application goes a long way in the end. Execution of versatile interfaces to core business applications strengthens the usefulness of these applications, and this ultimately benefits you and your company’s growth. This solves previous needs to communicate seriously with data storages and back-end frameworks. which in turn sparks vital change and improvement within your mobile middleware and web services.

Development Planning

Ignoring organization opportunities and versatile advances won’t yield the foreseen advantages that you want for your new software.
When Epitomsoft undertakes a new project, we completely address the versatile move in a secured domain, along with implementing various procedures and innovations. We will precisely investigate your endeavor’s surroundings to help you profit from our portable innovation.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and testing procedures of mobile solutions are complex because of the broad range of mobile clientele out on the market today. There are various mobile phones available at Epitomsoft, so we can test considerably over many different devices that your customers may own. We perform 360° testing of both mobile clients and server frameworks, guaranteeing excellent quality from interoperability/integration, connectivity, performance, security, and similarity viewpoint of your customized software.

Maintenance & Support

When your mobile application has been delivered and deployed, it is necessary to oversee the lifecycle of this productivity tool. Epitomsoft gives multilevel 24/7 versatile applications backing and support services, including user training and environment observing. Our improvement and support offer useful enhancements and application porting to other mobile platforms.

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