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Maintenance & Support

We know that running a business and finding the best solutions that fit your company is hard work.

Epitomsoft hopes to relieve some of your burdens by providing you with excellent maintenance & support throughout your software’s journey to becoming a live product. We believe that’s the right thing to do, and we take this approach with all of our clients to reduce software framework issues across the board. We promise to add valuable enrichments to your custom software and take steps toward optimizing it every day in every way. This is not just about the accessibility of single units and modules – it’s about verifying that your whole IT foundation is cost-effective and runs easily and consistently every time.

What We Offer

The services offered by Epitomsoft are intended to negate particular difficulties that your product faces:

Perfective and Restorative Maintenance

Epitomsoft can upgrade, re-design or redo your solutions, handling minor and major issues that damage framework execution and usefulness.

Adaptive Support

Versatile support offered by the Epitomsoft team guarantees that your product and hardware work steadily and dependably in a new, changed environment.

Scheduled Support

This service enables upgrades and release management to guarantee that your framework or application has a competitive edge over the most recent innovations.

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